We are excited that you are joining The ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program that has helped thousands of people just like you find success with their Architect Registration Exams. This engaged and supportive community will be there for you throughout your journey to licensure.

Before you begin ARE Boot Camp Registration let’s confirm a couple of things:

1. I confirm that I have approximately 20 minutes right now to fully complete the Boot Camp registration process. We recommend using a computer NOT a phone. All of the registration steps will be provided right after payment is confirmed.

2. I confirm that I do have permission to test from both NCARB and my State Board.  (As in you can go schedule an exam right now. Don’t actually schedule one, we will do that together once the program has begun.) 

3. I confirm that the ARE Boot Camp is only for me (the person who is registered in the program) I agree not to share any files, emails, videos, passwords, resources or anything from the program with anyone who is not a member of The ARE Boot Camp Coaching Program. 

By confirming the above, I understand that if I do not complete the full registration process, meet the Boot Camp eligibility requirements or that if it is determined that I am not in fact eligible to schedule an exam with NCARB, that I will be removed from the program and will not be fully refunded.

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