Have you noticed that studying for PPD & PDD is more challenging than any other exam that you may have experienced? The reason is the scope. PPD and PDD are both more like six exams disguised as one exam.

Each include:

- Structures Exam

- Building Systems Exam

- Codes Exam

- Materials, Methods, Assemblies and Detailing Exam

- Programming and Site Exam

- Professional Practice Exam

Have you wanted a resource to help guide your studying and pinpoint the areas where you may need additional help?

These interactive exercises will help you navigate through the often confusing NCARB PPD & PDD objectives with greater confidence and ease.

The Young Architect ARE Drills for PPD/PDD includes:

  • 100+ practice exam questions focused around specific NCARB objectives for PPD/PDD. 

  • 50+ warmup questions to get you thinking about the bigger topics and concepts related to each question.

  • Detailed answers and explanations that cite NCARB references, to help facilitate additional studying if needed.

  • ARE Drill Objective Chart to quickly locate the questions that relate most to your desired focus area(s).

  • 8+ hours of video discussing the answers of the ARE Drills.

What makes this course different:

  • NOT another boring Professor having a one way conversation. This interactive program will force you to think in ways that support your real-world testing success.

  • The foundation of the ARE Drills is created from the ARE 5.0 Handbook’s Objectives. This is NOT rehashed ARE 4.0 content. 

  • This is NOT another outrageously-priced, monthly membership.

  • Most importantly, these Drills will not just help you pass these tests, they will help you effectively learn these topics so you can apply them to your career. 

Upon signing up, you will receive immediate access to the course. This program includes an initial six months access, with the option to extend your access at no additional charge, for the duration of your testing.

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If you sign up for the Boot Camp today, you will receive access to this at no additional cost.

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Either way, we know you’re going to love the Drills!

*Should you later decide to sign up for The ARE Boot Camp coaching program no refunds will be offered for this course*

Young Architect Single User Agreement

When I purchase this program, I agree as the Purchaser that I have sole access to this program and it will not be shared. Click here for the full terms. 

Statement of Purpose & Ethical Pricing

The Young Architect Mission is to help the NEXT generation of Architects become the MOST SUCCESSFUL generation of Architects. So, it is important to us that you actually become a Licensed Architect. 

Because of this, the tuition for this product is one single payment and you will have *lifetime access* to this program, while you are testing. This means, you'll get an initial six months access, and if you need to extend your access, simply go to youngarchitect.com/access

Follow the instructions on the page, including sharing a picture of your NCARB testing status, so we will extend access for you. That means, even if you need extra time to study, have to take the test again, or life happens and you need to come back to it later…The ARE Drills will be here for you.

You can do this. We can do this.