PcM Practice Management 101 - Full Course

PcM Practice Management 101 Full Course

Confused, unsure, or overwhelmed about the ARE 5.0 Practice Management Exam? Want to confidently and easily understand PcM concepts like: financial calculations, establishing a business structure, laws, ethics, and more?

This course will take the mystery out of studying for Practice Management, so you can have a clear, honest approach to pass the Practice Management section of the Architect Registration Exam.

This program includes:

  • Includes 16+ hours of video, addressing each and every objective for PcM

  • An approach with how to use the Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice to study for PcM

  • Recorded Case Studies for PcM to help you practice and demystify these new fear-provoking questions

  • Videos discussing the answer of practice questions and why, related to AIA Contracts and PcM Content, so you come away with a deeper understanding.

  • Must-have knowledge to help you succeed on the Financial Calculations section of the ARE

  • Expert advice to fuel your focus and overcome unnecessary pitfalls and self sabotage 

What makes this course different:

  • Not another boring Professor having a one way conversation. Instead, we share lots of real world scenarios and in a dialogue setting.

  • This course thoroughly reviews NCARB’s PcM Objectives. This is not rehashed ARE 4.0 content. 

  • This is not an outrageously-priced, monthly membership.

  • Most importantly, we help you become a Successful Architect.

Upon signing up, you will receive immediate, lifetime access to the course. 

Investment… only $99 SIGN UP NOW!

Statement of Purpose & Ethical Pricing

The Young Architect Mission is to help the NEXT generation of Architects become the MOST SUCCESSFUL generation of Architects. So, it is important to us that you actually become a Licensed Architect. 

Because of this, the tuition for this course is one single payment and you will have lifetime access to this program. That means, even if you need extra time to study, have to take the test again, or life happens and you need to come back to it later…this course will be here for you.

You can do this. We can do this.

PcM 101 is complementary knowledge to AIA Contracts 101 - For PcM, PjM and CE. Save $ by purchasing together for a discount.

PcM 101 and Contracts 101

What others have been saying about this course:

Paige Cook

Great Overview and Motivation

I thought this course was a great overview of the concepts and material that would be presented in the exam. I think the most helpful thing is the self-guided approach to the AHPP. I personally work well with having a syllabus and this is the clos...

Victor Smith

Very Helpful Content, easily delivered

I purchased this course as a back up source to help with my understanding of the information in the Practice Management portion of the ARE. What I found the most helpful about the material was the way it sourced the documents listed in the NCARB ...

Caroline Kraft

PcM YA Course

First of all, THANK YOU! PcM was the first exam I took and I do not think I would have been nearly as prepared for it without completing this course. The study material and amount of information was overwhelming and this course helped so much to b...

Michael Chambers

Great Study Resource

I started studying for PCM prior to purchasing this course and I had to "restart" my studying once I purchased this course. (For Good Reasons LOL) I think I would of missed a lot of information if I kept doing it my way. This course takes the reso...

Nathan Zywicki


I will be retaking PcM tomorrow and the tutorial videos and notes helped me understand the content from a different perspective. I am utilizing all of the tips and tricks that both Michael and Lorenzo mentioned throughout the course, especially ...

lonny bradley

I would have been lost without this course!!!

I enrolled into the PcM 101 course before my exam and it was by far the best content available for this exam. Lorenzo and Mike have done a superb job of breaking down the exam by objectives. Also the live interaction where we have a question and a...

Ingrid Rancier

Fantastic learning experience!!!!

Lorenzo and Michael! thank you for making it so easy for us! We appreciate the time and effort. Love this course! It is so easy to understand the ARE concepts! The way they are explained, you will always remember them. They use real life sample...